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Innovative Training of University Interpreting and Translation Teachers (Exposure Proposal)

The mission of WITTA is to build a worldwide academic platform and provide trainings for translators, interpreters and language service providers in an innovative way, so as to better serve institutes of higher education and the society. “Personnel training” is the core of WITTA, and “Innovation” and Internationalization” are the characteristics of WITTA. WITTA's work is carried out around above principles.

Driven the national strategy of “the Belt and Road Initiative” and “Internet Plus”, big data, cloud computing and innovation in interpreting and translation technologies have exerted huge impacts on industrial economy and language service development. The trend of diversified language service personnel demand becomes more apparent. And the contents and pattern of interpreting and translation education are undergoing significant changes. Based on new translation technologies, WITTA makes full use of vertical, visual and customizable big data translation platform to fully integrate reform and design of interpreting and translation curriculum, teaching, translation and interpreting practicing and training, translation project introduction and employment. With such foundation, national transformation training for translation and interpreting teachers will be carried out, thus enhancing the professionalism and sustainability of T&I education and personnel training, which has great strategic significance for strengthening the integration between industry, academia and research, promoting the healthy development of language service industry, facilitating the development of regional economy and industrial economy, and paving way for enterprises to “go global”.

With WITTA as the basis, international training committee, advisory board and lecturer teams will be formed. After group training and assessment, teachers can get certificates in various fields and of different levels.

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