Prof. Luis von Flotow



Prof. Luis von Flotow

University of Ottawa, Canada

Luise von Flotow has been teaching Translation and Translation Studies at the University of Ottawa in Canada since 1995. She is a full professor, and was director of the School of Translation and Interpretation from 2006-2016. Her main research focus in translation studies is on ideologies in translation, and she publishes regularly on feminism and translation, gender issues in translation, government policy/cultural policy and translation. Other research work has addressed audiovisual translation and its ideological underpinnings. Her most recent book publications include Translating Women. Different Voices and New Horizons (Routledge 2016/17), co-edited with Farzaneh Farahzad in Iran; Translation Effects. The Shaping of Contemporary Canadian Culture (McGill-Queens Publisher 2014) co-edited with Sherry Simon and Kathy Mezei; and Translating Women (University of Ottawa Press, 2011). She also works as a literary translator, most recently publishing a re-translation from German of Christa Wolf's 1963 novel, Der geteilte Himmel as They Divided the Sky (University of Ottawa Press 2013) as well as the work of Ulrike Meinhof in Everybody Talks about the Weather. We Don't! edited by Karin Bauer (Seven Stories Publishing, NYC 2009). Her literary translations from French present Quebec authors, with most recent publications being: Hotel at the Four Corners: France Théoret`s Lhôtel des quatre chemins, Toronto, Guernica Editions, forthcoming 2017, The Stalinists Wife, France Théorets La femme du stalinien, (Toronto Guernica Editions, 2013) and Such a Good Education, France Theorets Une belle éducation (Toronto, Cormorant Press, 2010).