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WITTA Big Data Research Center

The mission of WITTA is to build a worldwide academic platform and provide trainings for translators, interpreters and language service providers in an innovative way, so as to better serve universities and society. “Personnel training” is the core of WITTA, and “Innovation” and “Internationalization” are the characteristics of WITTA. WITTA's work is carried out around above principles.

WITTA Big Data Research Center is one of the most important research organizations under WITTA. By making full use of the academic advantages of WITTA and with big data as the driving force, the research center mobilizes research experts from think tanks in China and foreign countries to conduct applied research and practice at home and abroad. In China, its main research areas are the economic development of regional industries and collaborative innovation development in the building of first-class universities and first-class disciplines. Internationally, the center mainly studies economic globalization and coordinated innovation development of internationalized education.

To carry out research and practice works in an orderly and effective way, the work plan of the center is as follows:

1. Carry out strategic cooperation with high-tech enterprises inside and outside China. Use advanced international big data technologies to develop large-scale parallel corpus in industry verticals, thus building WITTA Global Multilingual Big Data Application Lab.

2. Actively explore big data research mechanism of “labor division and cooperation, sharing and win-win”, as well as improve WITTA’s ecological mechanism and long-term mechanism.

3. Actively promote collaborative innovation cooperation in “big data industry, teaching and research”, which includes but is not limited to discipline construction, personnel training, innovation and entrepreneurship, digital publishing, and transformation of scientific research achievements.

4. Actively innovate the mechanism of scientific research and industry connection, legalize the procedure of transforming scientific research achievements by individual teachers and groups, maximize the value of such achievements, and further promote the marketization and industrialization of university intellectual property.

The executive work of the Research Center is designed by experts and consultants of WITTA and under the guidance of China National Committee for Translation & Interpreting Education. The main contents are as follows:

1. Form cross-national, interdisciplinary, and inter-university research teams based on the idea of serving universities and society, and carry out research and practice in certain fields. To serve universities is to cultivate interdisciplinary talents with application skills, and to serve enterprises is to develop cross-border e-commerce.

2. Based on the ideal of “Internet plus”, open a series of official online education platforms, including WITTA official website, WITTA cloud translation and interpreting teaching and training platform (scientific research), MOOCs where world famous teachers give lectures on translation and interpreting and so on, thus promoting communication and cooperation in education and scientific research between teachers and students from all over the world.

3. Combining economic development in regional industries, form international teams consisting of practical instructors to develop courses and teaching materials in certain areas and provide targeted training for teachers, and further promote the application of online courses and new media teaching materials.