The Second WITTA Congress held at University of Westminster in London


The Second WITTA Congress held

at University of Westminster in London

From 13 to 14 October, 2018, the Second World Interpreter and Translator Training Association (WITTA) Congress was held in University of Westminster. The conference was hosted by University of Westminster on behalf of WITTA and organized by the School of Humanities, University of Westminster and the School of Interpreting and Translation Studies (SITS), Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS). Famous academics on translation education from all around the world gathered at University of Westminster, discussing how to promote the in-depth development of translation education all over the world.

The opening ceremony was chaired by Prof. Zhao Junfeng, Secretary General of WITTA. Prof. Gerda Wielander, Associate Head of College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, first gave a welcoming speech on behalf of University of Westminster. Prof. Li Defeng, President of WITTA, gave an opening speech, in which he welcomed all the experts and delegates to the Congress. Mr. Maiwen, Executive Deputy Secretary General of WITTA attended the Congress.

Opening Ceremony

Prof. Donald Kiraly, Professor of University of Mainz, Prof. Claudia Angelelli, Vice President of WITTA, Chair Professor of Heriot-Watt University and Professor Emerita of San Diego State University, and Prof. Christina Schäffner, Emeritus Professor from Aston University were the keynote speakers at the Congress.

Keynote Speeches

Also present at the Congress were Dr. Wang Binhua from University of Leeds, Dr. Zheng Binghan from Durham University, Dr. Ying Yan from University of Leicester, Prof. Wang Lidi from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Prof. Yan Zhijun from Nanjing Normal University, Prof. Li Zhanxi, visiting scholar from Durham University, Prof. Benjamin Tsou from City University of Hong Kong, Prof. Xiao Xiaoyan from Xiamen University, Prof. Ping Hong and Dr. Xing Jie from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, and Prof. Liu Yingchun, visiting scholar from Cardiff University and other scholars.

The theme of the Congress is “the Future of Interpreting and Translation Education”. Under the Congress were several parallel sessions where participants disclosed the outcomes of their latest researches on such topics as “translation training for specific purposes”, “translator trainee behaviours: proposals for improving trainee’s strategies and behaviours”, “interpreting and new technology”, “a Chinese perspective on translation and interpreter training”, “collaboration projects in the translation classroom”, “competences and proficiency scales”, “translation and interpreter education: new perspectives, cognitive approaches to translator training”, among others.

Photo at the Congress

During the Second WITTA Congress, the participating WITTA executives held a meeting, at which they reviewed what had been done and achieved by WITTA in the past two years since its inception in 2016, followed by discussions on the future planning for WITTA.

The Congress was well received and greatly appreciated by the participants. The efforts, mission and vision of WITTA were better understood. As a worldwide academic community, WITTA is aimed at “Setting an international stage to promote win-win cooperation”, and advancing the development of innovation and collaboration among different sectors including governments, industries, universities and research institutes. As announced, the Third WITTA Congress would be held at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore in 2020.

Also, during the Congress, University of Stirling, University of Leicester, University of Alcalá, Shanghai Shiyu Translation Co. Ltd. and Sichuan Lan-bridge Information Technology Co., Ltd applied for WITTA membership.